Electric Tractors - Misc - electric conversions

Motor cover-Battery tray.JPG

We made this cover over the pulleys and to carry the removable battery boxes. It did run for four hours or more. Trading the battery boxes out could take sixty seconds.

Motor hydraulic pumps.JPG

The motor ran at one speed and ran the hydraulic pumps. Had two chargers. One onboard and one to charge the second pack.

Electric Bobcat tractor

This was commissioned by New York city to clean storm drains. This is the tractor they sent to work in round tunnels. Round tires may have been the better choice.

Electric ZENN

The all aluminum frame and plastic body was built by the French Micro Car company. A Canadian company bought 600 and made them electric. Sold in the USA as the ZENN. Very light weight.

Retracted drive.JPG

The overhead rail drive motor and wheels retracted into the rear of the car when it was on the streets. We upgraded a few of these cars to lithium power and changed the gear ratios for higher top speeds.

Extended drive.JPG

The design was to run on an over head rail system. Power would come from the track. Run the over head track motor and recharge the cars battery pack.


Built an electric lithium drive system for Clemson University. They used a hydrogen generator to recharge the battery pack. The college received a 10 million dollar grant for the project. I did it for free. They paid for parts.

Built this electric drive for a private college. We shipped the components to them. It was assembled by the students. The Jet car was a rare vehicle.

Electric Jet Car
Electric Trailer tow

This trailer tug was designed to pull a small sail boat from the marina yard to the ramp. The steering handle was removable. The cooler had solar panels in it to charge the batteries. The tug stayed connected to the trailer.

There have been some unique request over the years. It has always kept things interesting. It is hard to remember all the different builds. Took few pictures of things. Build most projects for clients I never meet. Usually took pictures for those people so they would have an understanding of our progress and for their general education for them and others.

Prius inverter

Toyota Prius with an AC inverter in the trunk. Also added a larger lithium 12 volt battery to run the inverter. The main battery pack charged the 12 volt system. The gas engine would start and recharge the big battery pack when it got low. Nice back up system for your home.